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Posts in Our Casas

Before and After Photos of the eco-renovation

Here are some before-and-after photos of our 3 Casas. The building dates back to the year 1900 and the space we renovated had not been changed much since then. Here you can read about what we did and do to make our […]

eco-design flower pots in apartment rentals

Real plants and locally-made flower pots by Bas

We love plants and believe that even apartment rentals should not be without them. They look good and filter the air. These flower pots are hand-made in Barcelona by Bas Barcelona, and for sale at yök, or directly via their web site. […]

What energy-efficient lighting looks like

With the help of Anoche Lighting Consultancy, we managed to illuminate all our spaces nicely and efficiently, using only LED lights. Here some photos to show you what it looks like when they are lit.

The yök Hanger, upcycled from 100-year-old hangers

We designed some hangers for the bedrooms! They are made from 100-year-old wooden hangers we found at an old dry cleaner’s. Now available at 45€.

The history of c/Trafalgar 39

Joan Palau just published an extensive analysis about the history of the building we are in in c/Trafalgar 39. Built in 1900 by the constructor José Padró and architect Antoni Costa i Guardiola, the building is full of catalan Modernism features. For […]

Damon Bopp’s wall art

Wall artist Damon Bopp, BoppArt, did some stunning features in our entrance. The pattern is the same one from the building’s facade, built in 1900, using the colours from the mosaic floor tiles. Damon hand-painted the walls, doing his own stencils. Visit […]

2 days to go – check out our terrace!

Come upstairs and enjoy the view from #terrazayök: Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, the Torres Gemelas. Torre Agbar, the sea and the Hotel W!  

3 days to go – we love local products!

Local products come first! By Otras Cosas, Guillem Ferran for Casa Constante, Curro Claret for Arrels Fundacio, Astral Nature, mobles114, Santa & Cole, …  

4 days to go – mosaic floors forever!

Each of our rooms has a different floor pattern! Original 1900 mosaic flooring, now completely restored and shining.

5 days to go – let’s connect!

We like to connect with our guests, locals, the city, modern culture, tradition and nature. And we like to connect people. The more the better.  

6 days to go – only catalan breakfasts!

The real deal; we will serve catalan breakfast & catalan food.  

7 days to go – 100% Barcelona

Barcelona! yök could not be anywhere else!!  

8 days to go – toxin-free!

We use non-toxic materials & products! Green cleaning, voc-free paint, PVC free, …

9 days to go – private rental apartments

We offer privacy as well as social connections and the true local culture!  

10 days to go – Barcelona design, what else?

We love & use good design! Locally made, eco-friendly, durable, functional, nice looking and fun