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Posts in Our Casas

11 days to go – 100-year-old carpintery

Enjoy some lush original 1900 carpentry! Fully restored and insulating to save energy and block street noise.

12 days to go – let’s co-create!

We will co-create experiences by involving the local like-minded businesses and communities! Fem barri!! #eixample #elborn #santpere #laribera

13 days to go – fully licensed business

The Barcelona City Council has just confirmed our licenses for tourist apartments, yay!

14 days to go – Save water, energy and stuff!

Get ideas from yök for saving resources at home! Less water, energy and stuff = more savings.  

15 days to go – share your culture!

We invite guests to bring and share their culture because everyone is a local somewhere. In exchange, we make Barcelona’s culture more accessible to everyone who cares!

16 days to go – 100% natural luxury beds

Feel rested after a night in our luxurious beds made from all natural materials locally in Catalonia! All beds are by AstralNature.  

17 days to go – yök sleeps 16 people

You + 15 friends or family members can stay in our 3 casas! The more the merrier ;)  

18 days to go – the real Barcelona

In yök you can experience the real Barcelona, not that of tourist guides! We are all about sustainable, not mass tourism!  

19 days to go – Catalan Modernism

Come live under gorgeous high ceilings from 1900, catalan modernism style!  

20 days to go – Petz and Mari

The countdown is on!! Soon you can be with Petz and Mari at yök, two Barcelona lovers who are looking forward to sharing their city with you. Petz is an eco-designer and Mari a hotel manager.  

The history of our building on c/Trafalgar 39

Vicente de la Fuente, expert in Modernismo/Art Nouveau, finally found out who the architect of our building is. It was done in 1900 by Antonio Costa i Guardiola (not Antonio Rovira i Rabassa as we initially thought). You can read the full history of […]

Look & feel of our spaces

These renders by Marcelo Cannarsa  will give you an idea what the spaces will look like when we finish eco-renovating.

Lighting design by Anoche for our Casas!

We are delighted (pun intended) to be working with Jordi Ballesta and his team at Anoche, to make yök a well-illuminated and at the same time energy-efficient place.  

Etched glass dating back to 1900

Researching where the etched glass comes from in our Casas!  

Some early photos of our mosaic floor

The whole floor is covered in “suelo Nolla”, mosaic tiles from 1900.