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Join Civiclub in Barcelona!

From today, Barcelona’s citizens can get rewarded for doing good. Join Civiclub and earn points (or Civis) every time you recycle, donate blood or go to the gym for example!

Eco-Certification isn’t the ‘Magic Bullet’ for Hotel Revenue

Do eco-friendly strategies help hotels earn more money? Is the investment in an eco-certification worth the effort when it comes to profits? Report: Eco-Certification isn’t the ‘Magic Bullet’ for Hotel Revenue We agree with the article that “Sustainability measures, in other words, […]

The Blue Ocean Strategy

What is Blue Ocean Strategy? “Businesses should focus less on their competitors and more on alternatives; they also should focus less on their customers, and more on non-customers, or potential new customers.“ Read about the CitizenM hotel case study. Image: © 2012 Sacha Chua. […]

Happy World Tourism Day, and save water!

Happy World Tourism Day! 2013 is about celebrating and preserving water. Download the background paper Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future here.  

The business of changing consumer behaviours

The business of changing consumer behaviors. An excellent report about industries with the most potential to change consumer lifestyles. By Futerra. “Sustainable lifestyles will be big business. It’s time to change the value of changing consumer behaviours.”

How Do We ‘Hardwire’ Sustainability Into Business?

How Do We ‘Hardwire’ Sustainability Into Business? by Daniel Aronson   “While there are myriad perspectives on sustainability and corporate responsibility, each with its own unique value, I often find myself focusing on sustainability’s operational aspects: What can we do to increase the […]

Ray Anderson, a great inspiration!

Here’s a message from a very inspirational man, Ray Anderson, the radical industrialist who climbed mount sustainability. We recommend his book “Confessions of a Radical Industrialist: Profits, People, Purpose -Doing Business by Respecting the Earth”. Watch his TED talk “The business logic […]

Technical and emotionally durable design

At yök, we will strive for technical and emotionally durable design! Read more about the latter on Triplepundit. “Emotionally durable design, then, needs to be so much more than just the creation of products that change or adapt, and maintain our empathy […]

Sleep Green, first hostel in Barcelona to achieve the EU Ecolabel

Congratulations to Sleep Green for being the first youth hostel in Barcelona and Catalonia to achieve the EU Ecolabel (“Flower-Label”) in recognition of its commitment to sustainable tourism and protection of the local environment. We like their Green Travel Tips! Via Gencat.  

#7 People, Planet + Profit

#7 When it comes to doing business, we believe in the triple bottom line; the 3Ps (People, Planet + Profit). Some businesses who got this right are Teixidors, the PET Lamp Project and Clean The World.  

Stay cool in Barcelona without AC

It is hot in Barcelona, and yet, you can stay cool without AC (to save money and the planet)! Check out How to Stay Cool via Treehugger, and Keeping Cool Without AC: 8 Simple Tips via The Daily Green.  

Sustainable tourism: the rise of the eco-boutique hotels

Sustainable tourism: the rise of the eco-boutique hotels. Boutique hotels are embracing the zero-carbon trend. But it’s about profit as well as planet, writes Elisabeth Braw for the Guardian.  

Plan A Sustainability Report by M&S

The Top 8 Things We Learned from Marks & Spencer’s 2013 Plan A Report. An excellent summary and inspirational to apply to your own business!  

The Non Tourist project

We love non-tourism! Here is exciting way to travel without feeling like a tourist, while at the same time learning something, being social and doing good! Check out the Non Tourist Project, currently offering experiences in Island, Nepal and Peru.  

Make Barcelona bike-friendly

The FAD’s Xarxes d’Opinió (networks of opinions) has interviewed a series of people about The Bicycle in Barcelona (in Catalan). What are your suggestions to make the city bike-friendlier?