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Tourism in Barcelona and how to go about it!

Quo Vadis Barcelona? is a great article (in Catalan) about tourism in Barcelona, past and future, with ideas to save our city from becoming unliveable for locals. Nobody goes there any more, it’s too crowded is another article by The Economist regarding […]

Come and absorb our view of Barcelona

This is our terrace, the #terrazayök! Check out our cultural events and join us up here. If you stay with us, you can hang out on the terrace when we are working in the office. Have a glass of wine, read your […]

The most boring viral video

Please support Arrels Fundació by watching this most boring viral video! Arrels made our bedside tables and upcycled stools, under the supervision of designer Curro Claret. The foundation helps homeless people in Barcelona find their path towards autonomy, offering them housing, meals, […]

La Barcelona banal and tourism

Great article from El País about (mass) tourism in Barcelona: La Barcelona banal. In Catalan.

smart magazine visits yok

One Fine Day in Barcelona

Smart Magazine came to Barcelona and visited yök, as well as AOO and Bamboo Bikes Barcelona. Thank you Federica, Jan, Lars and team for spreading the love!

Rooftop visits in Barcelona

On sunday 21st and 28th of december we invite you to a tour around Barcelona’s old town’s rooftops, including yök’s! The “Ruta pels terrats de Ciutat Vella” is organised by Barcelona Rooftops, an initiative that promotes the sharing of forgotten rooftops. Sign […]

The history of c/Trafalgar 39

Joan Palau just published an extensive analysis about the history of the building we are in in c/Trafalgar 39. Built in 1900 by the constructor José Padró and architect Antoni Costa i Guardiola, the building is full of catalan Modernism features. For […]

Park(ing) Day 2014; less cars more green spaces!

We participated in this year’s Park(ing) Day. Together with our neighbours, we occupied the parking slot in front of the Arc de Triomf! Everyone brought plants in the morning to fill the space, and picked them up again in the evening. Together […]

Don’t be a tourist!

We really like Don’t Be a Tourist in Barcelona! Thanks for making us smile despite such a sad reality. Let’s create some GOOD tourism! dontbeatouristinbarcelona: Don’t be a tourist. Don’t follow a leader. If you do, don’t block the streets.

Upcycled stools by designer Curro Claret and Arrels Fundació

A couple of years ago I came across Catalan designer Curro Claret’s upcycled shop design for Camper, fabricated by former homeless people. So when we needed 16 bedside tables for yök Casa + Cultura, we called Curro Claret, and he got to work, together with […]

Tourism and the sharing economy in Barcelona

When Vacationing Doesn’t Mean Having to Act Like a Tourist. An interesting article about tourism and the sharing economy in Barcelona by Rosie Spinks for Good Magazine.  

2 days to go – check out our terrace!

Come upstairs and enjoy the view from #terrazayök: Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, the Torres Gemelas. Torre Agbar, the sea and the Hotel W!  

7 days to go – 100% Barcelona

Barcelona! yök could not be anywhere else!!  

15 days to go – share your culture!

We invite guests to bring and share their culture because everyone is a local somewhere. In exchange, we make Barcelona’s culture more accessible to everyone who cares!

17 days to go – yök sleeps 16 people

You + 15 friends or family members can stay in our 3 casas! The more the merrier ;)