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10 days to go – Barcelona design, what else?

We love & use good design! Locally made, eco-friendly, durable, functional, nice looking and fun

All the details about our green office in Barcelona

The eco-renovation of yök Casa + Cultura is still in full swing but this week we moved into our office. This small (35m2) yet multi-functional space, equipped with a kitchen and toilet, serves as our reception as well as event space. The best thing […]

Look & feel of our spaces

These renders by Marcelo Cannarsa  will give you an idea what the spaces will look like when we finish eco-renovating.

Wood fibres as insulation material

Rockwool, or mineral wool, is still commonly used here in Spain for insulation due to its low cost. I read up on it, and as Lloyd, “am still confused” whether this classifies as a green building material or not. Since it is made from […]

Barcelona apartment design by Nook

We love the way Nook architects have renovated this old apartment in the barrio Gótico, respecting the old tiles and the textures of the walls for the new layout. More about the project on Dezeen and DiarioDesign (in spanish). If you like this style, […]

PEX over copper for our plumbing

After putting up low-VOC drywalls, we are on to the water installation for yök Casa + Cultura’s eco-renovation. One of our goals is to keep the apartments 100% PVC-free. We also aim to use materials in such a way that they can be recycled […]

A+ certified low-VOC drywalls by Knauf

Drywalls have in the past often been criticised for being “cheap”, nondurable or flimsy, and bad for your health. So we tried to find another solution to divide up the different apartments and rooms for yök Casa + Cultura. Most of the ideas we […]

Lighting design by Anoche for our Casas!

We are delighted (pun intended) to be working with Jordi Ballesta and his team at Anoche, to make yök a well-illuminated and at the same time energy-efficient place.  

Hostal Grau, LEED certified in Barcelona

We like Hostal Grau, the first hotel in Barcelona to obtain LEED certification! Right next to Bar Centric Canalla in the Raval.  

Energy efficient homes we want

With the help of Xavier Mor from Renòwatt energy solutions, we were able to decide on the best systems for heating water and heating and cooling the space, while maintaing a small CO2 footprint. More information soon!  

Some photos from the beginning of our eco-renovation

We are ready to start renovating, preserving what is there, adding eco-friendly materials and fitting in systems to reduce our energy and water consumption.  

Meet our construction team and architects!

We would like to introduce you to our construction team! Armando’s company CTTEAM and Cova, together with architect Albert from Postbook, will be executing the eco-renovation in the next few months.  

Eco-Certification isn’t the ‘Magic Bullet’ for Hotel Revenue

Do eco-friendly strategies help hotels earn more money? Is the investment in an eco-certification worth the effort when it comes to profits? Report: Eco-Certification isn’t the ‘Magic Bullet’ for Hotel Revenue We agree with the article that “Sustainability measures, in other words, […]

A Spanish design!

We like good design made in Spain! And this one comes with a message! #PaísdePandereta is a spanish branded project by Aa studio that is looking for crowd funding via Verkami at the moment. We want one!