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Who says ladders can’t be clothes hangers?

This is a nice way to offer simple storage space for hotel rooms, as we are no fans of bedroom closets!  

Closets in hotel rooms? No thanks!

More simple storage solutions to replace chunky, bad-smelling hotel closets… Also view: 7 day closet, multifuncional structure, chairs as shelving system, DVELAS hanging line and this recycled paint bucket storage solution.  

Teixidors, a company with values

Teixidors is another company from Barcelona whose values we like very much. We create unique, unrepeatable products made with highest quality materials that always follow an entirely manual process. Our project is not a romantic utopia; it’s a work philosophy with a […]

7-day-closet for hotel rooms

This is the kind of furniture we’d like to see in hotels- simple and flexible use, easy cleaning, not bulky, and, eco-friendly (100% renewable, easy disassembly, fully biodegradable and long-lasting). 7-day-closet by studio248  

New hotel by Campana brothers

These guys know how to recycle! Check out the Campana brothers’ New Hotel for YES! in Athens via diarioDESIGN for more photos.  

100% recycled and made in Barcelona

We like products 100% made in Barcelona, and if they are 100% recyclable even more so! So we like Boo in Barcelona.  

The Porrón, an eco-friendly way to drink wine!

If you think about it, the Catalan Porrón is a very eco-friendly way to drink wine at big events- avoiding the need to wash glasses, or even plastic cups! It is also fully recyclable at the end of its life. For those […]

More wood floor per forest!

Here’s a wooden flooring that offers more floors per forest by respecting the trees’ natural curves. Bolefloor uses FSC certified wood and saves natural resources through its optimising technology. And it looks good! Thanks Dmass for the tip!  

Impressive vertical gardens in hotels

Green walls look great and improve the air quality. Here some impressive vertical gardens in hotels around the world by Traveler.es.  

Dvelas, upcycled sales turned into furniture

Here some cool local pieces of furniture and storage solutions made from upcycled sails in Spain. By DVELAS. We want some!  

My stay at the eco Element Hotel

Here’s what I think of the Element Hotel after staying there in New York City for a few nights…  

Nano-treated bed linen save water

Nano-treated bed linens could save the average hotel more than 100 million liters of water per year. A great example of Biomimicry at work, learning from the Lotus plant how to clean without detergents. [Thanks dMASS for the tip!]  

Seats made in Spain by Guillem Ferran

More fun, locally produced sustainable furniture from Spain we’d like to see in our hotel. These seats are by Barcelona designer Guillem Ferran, and made in Valencia.

Pedal-powered hotel TV

Here’s a pedal-powered TV from a hotel room at Cottage Lodge in the UK! I guess that also eliminates the gym…  

VOC-free paints made in Europe

VOC-free paints of course! In Spain the leaders seem to be Livos and Keim… any other brands you recommend?