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Hotel Alma’s Barcelona Guide

We love Hotel Alma’s travel guide “Barcelona con Alma. Conversations between citizens of Barcelona ”. In it, real Barcelonians share their favourite places to each other in conversations. For example designer Miguel Milà talks to journalist Rafae Vilasanjuan, and Pablo Juncadella, art […]

Droog’s new pop up hospitality experience

Voulez-vous coucher avec Droog? Now a few lucky couples have the opportunity to try out Droog’s new hospitality experience in Paris next month, during Paris Design Week. Hôtel Droog is based in Amsterdam, but the concept can pop up anywhere and will never […]

Off the beaten track in Barcelona

Certain places in Barcelona suffer from mass tourist. But Barcelona is also more than la Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas. So, the new plan is to divide tourists amongst more places in the city. One such place is Horta-Guinardó, also known as […]

Virus and climate change, and how it affects tourism”

This morning, CETT Alumni and the Club de Biología y Biotecnología de Alumni UB organised a round table discussion around “virus, and climate change, and how it affects tourism”. Here we learned about One Health, “the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines — working locally, […]

Classic Barcelona apartment renovated

Here’s a beautiful renovation of a classic Barcelona apartment from 1910 where the traditional elements have been respected by its designers Anna and Eugeni Bach. For more information visit diarioDESIGN.  

Overview of Energy Use and Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Here some ideas to save energy: An Overview of Energy Use and Energy Efficiency Opportunities, and also check out Energy Star’s guidelines for hotels.

How could we get tourists to explore more than the historic centre?

Martí Guixé asks: How could we get tourists to explore more than the historic centre? Artist TOFA suggest going to the darkest place in the city and play with light! Very cool!! Check out the project via Bettery Magazine. (Thanks Gustavo for […]

Visit Barcelona’s sewer!

This is a bit of an unusual tour of Barcelona. Last week, Petz went to visit a part of the sewer system! It was a very educational and not too smelly tour. That was you really get to know your city! Photos […]

The Allotment grows its own food inside the hotel

Imagine a hotel that offers a culinary experience to guests by growing and cooking its food onsite in the city. This is the idea behind The Allotment by Dean Moran for the Tablet Rethink Hotels competition.  

A walk from Barceloneta to the Olympic Village in Barcelona

Check out Extra! Estudio’s illustrations about a walk from Barceloneta to the Olympic Village by Iñigo Jerez. It shows the more touristy Barcelona. (To see the whole series, visit Extra! Estudio and go to the project “BCN 24h, un passeig per la Barceloneta i […]

Hotelier measures what makes life worthwhile

Chip Conley is a hotelier with an interesting message. Watch his TED talk: Measuring what makes life worthwhile. Other professionals from the hotel business we like are Eric Goode, Sean MacPherson, Tyler Brûlé and Alex Calderwood.  

Valldaura Lab, self-sufficient in Barcelona

A while ago we visited Valldaura self sufficient lab, a project by the IaaC. This magical place in Collserola, a mountain range of Barcelona, is a great inspiration to anyone interested in learning from nature, becoming self sufficient, permaculture and knowledge sharing. […]

Miguel Milá, one of Barcelona’s top designers

Miguel Milá is one of our favourite Barcelona designers, whose timeless designs are a wise inspiration for all that is to come. Check out the documentary of his work and life.

Tourist Walk, tourism in Barcelona documented

Tourist Walk is Marc Javierre’s photographic documentary of mass tourism in Barcelona. While some photos might seem funny, it shows the sad truth of irresponsible tourism in the city. We hope that showing this phenomenon inspires more people to do something against […]

Barcelona is the third happiest city in the world

Barcelona is the third happiest city in the world, according to Forbes… maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, especially if you read why (shopping?!) but we agree; you can be very happy in Barcelona!