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Dvelas, upcycled sales turned into furniture

Here some cool local pieces of furniture and storage solutions made from upcycled sails in Spain. By DVELAS. We want some!  

Thank you for coming to What is Barcelona design?!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in What is Barcelona design? last week during the Barcelona Design Week, and also to the BCD, Ryan Frank and Moritz! For more suggestions please email us, thank you.  

Why the future of capitalism is homegrown, small scale, and independent

Indie Capitalism is the way to go! 4 Reasons Why The Future Of Capitalism Is Homegrown, Small Scale, And Independent: Indie capitalism is local, not global, and cares about the community and jobs and says so right up front. Indie capitalism is […]

Celebrate La Mercè in Barcelona

If we had a hotel already, you would find it full of human towers, correfocs and big-heads this weekend for La Mercè!  

Eco rug made in Spain

Another locally produced eco-friendly design we can imagine in our future hotel lobby… Trepitjada by Martin Azua. Made from renewable, fully biodegradable esparto in Murcia.  

Recycled glass products from the Med

Cool 100% recycled glass products, locally produced in Valencia by La Mediterránea. They could be put to good use in our hotel!  

Please Bring Me connect travellers with locals

PleaseBringMe.com is a great social way to connect travellers with locals by having them exchange goods and services… imagine hotel guests from around the world bringing in exotic products to swap! Angel Mule (by mmMule) connect people to deliver stuff to organisations […]

peret barcelona song

Barcelona rumba song, oh yeah!

This is why our hotel will be in Barcelona! Enjoy Peret’s rumba catalana “Barcelona Hechicera”. The guy was a legend and lives on in our hearts!   Top photo by Joan Cortadevellas for DiarioCordoba

The Marquina, a Catalan design classic

The Marquina oil/vinegar recipient that does not drip or stain, is another classic Catalan design we’d like to see at our hotel. By Rafael Marquina, 1961.  

Seats made in Spain by Guillem Ferran

More fun, locally produced sustainable furniture from Spain we’d like to see in our hotel. These seats are by Barcelona designer Guillem Ferran, and made in Valencia.

Made in Spain: Fontal by Oscar Tusquets Blancs

Good furniture from Spain is what we want at the hotel… here’s a chair: Fontal by Oscar Tusquets Blancs!  

Milá’s TMM Lamp turns 50!

We want to keep the interiors local and long-lasting, so what better lamp than Barcelona designer Miguel Milá’s TMM Lamp that just turned 50?!  

Veg flower pot, made in Spain

Nice pot by Joan Rojeski that grows with your veggies, and it’s locally produced in Spain.