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Why No One Will Buy Tourism in the Future

Interesting talk by Neal Gorenflo: #HackTravel: Why No One Will Buy Tourism in the Future. The gist of the talk is that the rise of net culture, with it’s emphasis on collaboration, peer relationships, and social good, is changing the habits of […]

Mapping the flow of people in Barcelona

A cool map by Eric Fischer, mapping the flow of tourists and locals in Barcelona (and other cities), via their uploads of photos on Flickr. Blue pictures are by locals. Red pictures are by tourists. Yellow pictures might be by either.  

Guest behaviour in rental apartments

Interesting infographic by GowithOh who collected the habits of Spanish and other European nationalities when booking apartments through them. More information about how the European traveler stays in apartment rentals via Hosteltur.  

Not all souvenirs are kitsch!

Not every souvenir needs to be kitsch or trash. Designer Héctor Serrano together with young designers from Valencia proof this in VLC Souvenir. Above: Local Stamps by Noelia Muñoz. “Xè, valencianízate!” See all the products of VLC Souvenir via DiarioDesign.  

The Blue Ocean Strategy

What is Blue Ocean Strategy? “Businesses should focus less on their competitors and more on alternatives; they also should focus less on their customers, and more on non-customers, or potential new customers.“ Read about the CitizenM hotel case study. Image: © 2012 Sacha Chua. […]

The Future of Tourism in Barcelona by Harold Goodwin

The Future of Tourism in Barcelona. You can download Goodwin’s critical and concerning talk about the future of Tourism in Barcelona, and the slideshow here. He says: “many in the industry are in denial that tourism is bringing economic, social and environmental […]

Happy World Tourism Day, and save water!

Happy World Tourism Day! 2013 is about celebrating and preserving water. Download the background paper Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future here.  

Guided Tours of Barcelona by the Homeless

Who best to show you around the streets of Barcelona than someone who has lived on those very streets…. Hidden City Tours offers guided tours by homeless people, starting october 10th 2013. Via: Diario ABC

Award-Winning Romanian Tourism Campaign

Brilliant Award-Winning Romanian Tourism Campaign A perfect response from Romania to negative comments about Romanian immigration by the British government. Watch the video here.  

A Barcelona audio guide by Petz

Here is an audio tour, designed and narrated by Petz Scholtus for PocketGuide. You can download the App and the tour via PocketGuide/yokbarcelona.  

Avoid Pickpockets in Barcelona

Barcelona is the city in which Britons are most likely to fall victim to pickpockets or holiday scams such as overcharging taxi drivers, new research has suggested. Full article: Barcelona ‘worst’ city for holiday scams We believe that visitors should be made aware […]

#1 Reflect the real Barcelona

During august we will publish the yök Manifesto, starting today! Special thanks to Alfons Cornella for pushing us to do this and the Manifesto Project for providing the necessary inspiration. #1 is about celebrating the real Barcelona in order to fight the […]

The Non Tourist project

We love non-tourism! Here is exciting way to travel without feeling like a tourist, while at the same time learning something, being social and doing good! Check out the Non Tourist Project, currently offering experiences in Island, Nepal and Peru.  

Aircruise, a hydropowered floating hotel

This morning, Chris Sherwin from Seymourpowell showed their Aircruise – a clipper in the clouds in a presentation during the EcoDesign Day at the Barcelona Design Week 2013. It is basically a hydropowered floating hotel! Here, slow is the new fast and it is not about […]

Why some (still) love Barcelona!

Here are CondéNast writer Jesús Terrés’s reasons why he (still) loves Barcelona (in Spanish). I have a very strange relationship with Barcelona. She is (to me) like that girlfriend you don´t understand, that drives you up the wall, with who after every night […]