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New hotel by Campana brothers

These guys know how to recycle! Check out the Campana brothers’ New Hotel for YES! in Athens via diarioDESIGN for more photos.  

100% recycled and made in Barcelona

We like products 100% made in Barcelona, and if they are 100% recyclable even more so! So we like Boo in Barcelona.  

Huts as hotel rooms in the middle of the city

The Hüttenpalast in Berlin is an old vacuum factory filled with vintage caravans and wooden huts that serve as hotel rooms. We love the idea and wonder how this would be possible in Barcelona and make it past the current regulations… Watch […]

A rare fun and cosy hotel

Truly authentic, not over-designed, fun as well as cosy hotels are hard to come by but here is one: 25hours Hotel Hafencity in Hamburg! Visit Inhabitat for a sideshow.  

Upcycled art from the streets of Barcelona

Barcelona-based graphic and motion designer Aleix Abellanet does interesting collages using illustrations found on cardboard boxes in the street. This is one way to bring the street into hotels and promote upcycling…  

Nephew and uncle do ecodesign

When nephew (designer) and uncle (sunblind craftsman) get together, beautiful eco-friendly and local products appear! Check out El Nebot del Persianer for the kind of products we want to have in our hotel.  

Dvelas, upcycled sales turned into furniture

Here some cool local pieces of furniture and storage solutions made from upcycled sails in Spain. By DVELAS. We want some!  

Looking for a building like this in Barcelona

Can we find a building like the old cooperage in Brooklyn that is now the Wythe Hotel in Barcelona? That’d be nice…  

Recycled glass products from the Med

Cool 100% recycled glass products, locally produced in Valencia by La Mediterránea. They could be put to good use in our hotel!  

Hanger solutions for hotel rooms

Very cool way of hanging and putting away things, perfect for hotel rooms so we don’t need cupboards!  

Headboards made from reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood used to make bed headboards, nice!  

Second hand designs are a win win

Second hand rocks! Less resources, less waste, more personality, more stories.